Lighthouse Bookshop

Lighthouse Bookshop

Edinburgh’s radical bookshop.

We are an independent community bookshop on the radical left, politically engaged and socially conscious. We celebrate diversity of thought and expression, championing voices from the margins.

We house 10,000 titles across most genres, from politics, history, fiction and travel writing to children’s books, tattoo art and cookery. We are particularly passionate about radical, left-wing and Scottish politics, intersectional feminism, revolutionary history, environmentalism, LGBT+ writing, poetry and translated fiction.

We have gathered a selection of our bookseller favourites in our online shop, which reflects just a tiny slice of what we have in the bookshop or can dispatch directly to you!

We will be adding more as we go, but if what you are looking for is not yet listed or you’d like some suggestions from the team please just send us an email, titled ORDER and just list the titles/authors/genre you’re looking for and the address they are going to. We’ll respond with a payment link for those books and as soon as that’s paid we’ll send them off!

Orders over £50 will receive a free ‘surprise’ book from our basement of wonders, chosen to reflect the taste of your order!

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