South Kensington Books

South Kensington Books

We understand that a lot of our customers will be unable to visit us currently, but please, take a look at the services we can offer for book ordering and delivery.

If you are unable to leave home over the next few weeks for whatever reason, or if you know of someone who is unable to get out and would benefit from a good book or selection of books, then let us help. This is the perfect time to read the books you always meant to but never had the time, or to learn about a subject or a person that you have always wanted to find out more about, or to discover more about a part of history that you never knew.

We are now offering free local delivery for customers within two miles of the shop with our book-bike delivery service. Plus deliveries of books up to 1kg can be posted out for just £2.50 with good rates for larger packages.

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