The White Horse Bookshop

The White Horse Bookshop

Multi-award winning independent bookshop in a beautifully renovated Tudor building in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

The White Horse Bookshop has been a part of the fabric of Marlborough since 1943, firstly in The Parade and in its current location on the High Street since 1949 (we think).

The shop had had four previous owners before Robert Hiscox and Brian Kingham bought it early in 2014 when the shop was in danger of disappearing altogether. We spent the first couple of months renovating, redesigning and restocking the shop, introducing a second floor of books and moving the art department to its current home in the basement (or Lower Ground Floor as we call it when feeling genteel).

Now we have been open for quite some time and the bookshop has become a huge success with almost 25,000 titles on the shelves and over 200,000 available online.

Unfortunately, we are currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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